How Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Treatment Gives You a Bright & Vibrant Youthful Skin

Removal of unnecessary hair strands on one’s body and face is becoming a prime concern for people in the urban world. The solutions like waxing, tweezing and shaving are less effective as compared to the long lasting solutions like IPL or intense pulse laser hair removal treatment.
IPL hair removal system is more widely used solution for unwanted hair removal because it intends to damage the hair strands from its root. As the root is weakened, hair growth also reduces. The prices in this kind of treatment varies from clinic to clinic. The rates are fixed on a per area basis.

IPL Hair Removal
IPL hair removal technique is considered to be a unique and fresh approach to skin care and beauty care which is equally safe and trusted by both men and women nowadays. Other than being very effective solution this technique doesn’t cause too much pain. Compared to normal laser treatment procedures, this technique is gentle on one’s skin.
It’s equally flexible with treatment of a wide array of skin tones including hair colour. Further, this technique can be used in various parts of the body. This technique is applicable to legs, arms, neck, nipples, buttocks, shoulders, abdomen, under arms, bikini lines, chest, upper back, upper lip, chin, face hands, feet and navel to mention few.
Beaming high concentration light on the hair follicles helps damage the unwanted hair strands from their roots. The hair is damaged as the pigments presented in hair follicles absorb the heavy-duty light beams. There are a number of benefits of this technology involving intense laser pulse treatment procedures. This process further has the precision to focus and remove dark & coarse hair strands, while removing them without affecting or burning the surrounding skin.
This is in fact, one of the speedier methods and treats numerous hair strands in a very short time. On an average, three to five sittings is enough to see the probable results.

Bodhi: Rejuvenate yourself completely

If you are looking for beauty treatments Central London, then Bodhi is the best option for you. Our skin and body is subjected to various polluting gases all through the day and these are bound to take away the natural glow of the skin and ageing symptoms start haunting you from a your early 30s. Hence, it is advisable to give your skin the nourishment it needs so that it can maintain its natural glow and so that you look your age.

Bodhi is a beauty clinic in London that offers Holistic health options by their qualified doctors and therapists. They offer a wide range of services and they treat you by eliminating the underlying cause of any problem, so that it does not occur again.

They offer different types of body massages so that you feel absolutely relaxed after an entire day’s work. From deep tissue massage to Swedish massage, they offer you the best quality of services so that there is negative energy in your body and treat any long term pain.

You can try Pressotherapy Detox, to detoxify your entire body system and free yourself from any kind of toxins. This is also a better option than liposuction as these therapy helps in slimming and redefining and toning your arms and legs. This can also give you relief from any kind of pain and swelling. It also enhances your skin tone and gives your skin a glow that is impressive and natural.

Bodhi also offer Skin Rejuvenation services where low intensity of light is applied directly to the skin. This helps in creating new collagen and elastin that helps in restoring the network under the skin. They make use of a very effective technique that actually rejuvenates the skin and makes it look younger and softer. This treatment is highly recommended for people who suffer from skin ailments like acne, pigmentation, rosacea, scaring etc.

This beauty clinic offer many other beauty treatment options starting from Led facial and skin lift treatments to teeth whitening and safe hair removing options. All treatments are done under the supervision of qualified doctors and therapists by their trained skin specialists who have immense experience in this field. They also help you in skin care related matters and prescribe you useful diets and exercise that can keep the body, mind and also the soul healthy. They make use of the latest innovative technology in giving you the best.